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Model Description

You’d be forgiven for thinking the KTM 450 SMR couldn’t possibly get any better. But we’ll let that slide – just as you’ll be doing when you throw a leg over this latest iteration of pure Supermoto perfection. With a frame that is specifically engineered for longitudinal rigidity, stability, and exceptional rider feedback and an engine that blows away the competition with unrelenting power delivery – not to mention the electronic wizardry to rival sports bikes – The KTM 450 SMR is a purpose-built racer with one simple goal – winning championships.

The 2024 KTM 450 SMR boasts one of the most manic 4-stroke powerplants in the pits, with its SOHC engine proving to be the perfect example of advanced engineering. The engine is positioned to lower the front sprocket, which together with the benefits of mass centralization and light engine weight, deliver anti-squat behavior of the chassis that is second to none. With massive peak power output and an overall engine weight of only (26.8 kg), you’ll leave the competition with more than a little mud on the face. 

A compact and lightweight SOHC cylinder head package uses a short profile with the camshaft located close to the center of gravity, improving handling. Lightweight valves are actuated via a DLC coated rocker arm with optimized timing, specifically designed to deliver precise levels of torque and throttle response. The diameter of the inlet valves is 40 mm, while on the exhaust it is 33 mm. Optimized intake ports allow higher flow coefficients, resulting in a more efficient and powerful engine, with a clever valve cover reducing the number of mounting screws, and a single oil spray jet guaranteeing efficient cooling while keeping the weight low.

Designed with weight reduction and performance in mind, the crankshaft in the KTM 450 SMR engine improves throttle response and contributes to the lightweight feel of the motorcycle. The perfect balance of rotating masses is achieved by balancing the weights of the crankshaft flywheel and the rotor, and thanks to the innovative counter balancer shaft, engine vibration is kept to an absolute minimum.

The KTM 450 SMR engine is designed with mass centralization and weight reduction as the main criteria. As a result, the crankcases have been designed to house the internal components of the engine in the perfect position to achieve an ideal center of gravity, while adding the least possible weight. The cases are manufactured using a high-pressure die-cast production process, resulting in thinner but more reliable wall thickness. And just to add a little extra – the KTM brand logo gives the black powder-coated engine cover the ultimate READY TO RACE look.

The KTM 450 SMR features a SUTER slipper clutch which prevents rear wheel instability and hopping when braking hard into the apex of a turn, for maximum control and perfect Supermoto-style drifting. The Brembo hydraulic system guarantees perfect clutch modulation.

The lightweight 5-speed transmission is produced by Pankl Racing Systems ensuring the highest level of durability and reliability. The design focuses on a weight-optimized shift shaft, reducing the operating force of gear changes, best suited to the transmission ratio (29:72). The gear shift lever also features an anti-dirt build-up design that keeps the lever tip in its original position – even in the toughest conditions. 

Developed by Keihin, the EMS is specifically designed to be small, light, and lightning-fast at processing data. It integrates the launch control for perfect starts, selectable engine maps via the map select switch on the handlebar, traction control as well as the Quickshifter function. It is also combined with the gear position sensor, which optimizes power delivery for each gear, while a roll-over sensor (ROS) kills the engine in case of extreme crashes, adding another level of security to the KTM 450 SMR. The hourmeter also features an integrated EFI status LED and fuel level indicator, so you know when it’s time to pull into the pits for a refuel. 

The lightweight aluminum cylinder features a 95 mm bore and 63.40 mm stroke, housing a CP bridged-box-type piston weighing a meager 327 g. The piston features anodized annular grooves, adding durability and longer service intervals, with the compression ratio of 13.1:1 for added peak performance.

The multifunctional side-mounted balancer shaft masterfully balances all the oscillating forces, while also driving the water pump. It effectively keeps engine vibrations to a minimum, resulting in the smoothest ride, even at the highest engine speeds.

A combined start/stop switch on the right side of the handlebar allows for an easy and intuitive function – not that you’ll ever want to turn your KTM 450 SMR off. 

The KTM 450 SMR exhaust system is expertly designed to deliver class-leading performance at the lowest possible weight. Featuring a flow-designed resonance chamber integrated into the 2-piece header, the header remains as compact as possible with the joining position allowing it to be removed without having to take out the shock absorber. Further innovation allows for a short, lightweight aluminum silencer without increasing noise levels.

The KTM 450 SMR radiators are expertly crafted using high-strength aluminum and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to channel air through the radiators more efficiently. The cooling system is integrated into the frame allowing for improved cooling by channeling coolant through the frame while eliminating the need for additional external hoses, while a large center tube running through the frame reduces the pressure in the system allowing for a more consistent coolant flow. An internal thermostat for added reliability is fitted as standard. 

No matter how twisty or technical the track is, you’ll stay in control thanks to a frame design that has not only been engineered for optimal longitudinal rigidity but also positions rotating mass as close to the center of gravity as possible. Precise frame wall thicknesses deliver superior flex characteristics and offers an unmatched rider feel. The shock mounting also provides optimal anti-squat behavior to better drive out of corners.

The 2-piece polyamide (60%) reinforced aluminum (40%) subframe provides outstanding handling and rider feedback. Constructed with the aid of finite element analysis, precise levels of rigidity are engineered into the subframe, delivering optimal flex dynamics, while remaining robust and reliable lap after lap. 

The hollow, die-cast aluminum swingarm is designed to offer optimal stiffness and reliability – while keeping weight as low as possible and allowing for a wide range of rear wheel adjustments to either shorten the wheelbase on tight, twisty tracks, or a lengthen for greater high speed stability. Maintenance is also easily dealt with by means of chain adjustment markings, which are visible from above for easier access and measurement. A 22 mm rear axle is used to further optimize the flex characteristics of the chassis.

The 2024 KTM 450 SMR is rock-solid at any speed thanks to a forged steering head connection and CNC milled triple clamps. Made from high-grade aluminum, the triple clamp features optimally tuned steering stem stiffness, perfect alignment of the fork tubes, and precise geometry of the fork clamps to ensure responsive and smooth fork action – not to mention unwavering stability when charging over rhythms, swapping sides through the chicane, firing down the straightaway, and onto the podium.

The KTM 450 SMR model is fitted with a super-lightweight WP XACT fork with AER technology and features updated settings for Supermoto use. It is a 48 mm USD air-sprung fork with a capsulated air spring on the left side and a pressurized oil chamber for progressive and consistent damping on the right. In combination with the mid-valve damping system, the fork provides exceptional feedback and rider comfort. The setting is specifically made for Supermoto racing and can be easily adjusted via the single air pressure valve for the air spring, as well as through easy access click adjusters for compression and rebound damping. The air pump needed to adjust the fork’s air pressure is provided as standard. A 22 mm diameter front axle provides a precise fork response under heavy braking into a corner. 

The light and compact WP XACT shock features a CFD optimized main piston to improve comfort, while differently sized flow holes allow the shims to open more easily and reduce the overall stress of oil flow and pressure on the shims for an all-round smoother function, while low-friction SKF linkage seals provide advanced damping characteristics for unsurpassed traction and energy absorption. Adjustability is also taken care of by a hand-adjustable dual compression control knob, that allows quick adjustment of high- and low-speed settings without tools. Rebound and preload adjusters are also easily set by hand. 

The KTM 450 SMR is fitted with ultra-lightweight and strong black ALPINA spoked wheels, 16.5” front rim and 17” rear rim respectively. They are complemented by Metzeler Racetec SM K1 Supermoto tires and are fitted as standard on the KTM 450 SMR, with a 125/75 R 16.5 taking care of business at the front and a 165/630 R17 on the rear.

The KTM 450 SMR has a whole lot of GO! Thankfully, it also comes standard with a whole lot of WHOA! Exceptional stopping power is guaranteed by high-performance Brembo brakes, featuring a 4-piston radially mounted caliper in combination with a radial master cylinder working together with a 310 mm disc at the front. A single-piston caliper and a 220mm disc are fitted to the rear. 

The KTM 450 SMR is fitted with a 7.2-liter polythene fuel tank that incorporates a threaded fuel tank cap and an integrated fuel pump. The fuel pump features an external fuel line which is specifically positioned to make it less exposed and susceptible to damage while ensuring a steady, uninterrupted flow of fuel.

The KTM 450 SMR is equipped with a tapered handlebar made of high-strength aluminum by NEKEN. The proprietary KTM bend delivers optimal control and unintended rider impacts are absorbed by the KTM branded handlebar pad, which features the same design patterns as seen on the frame protectors and tank spoilers – now that’s a touch of class. 

The FEA-designed footpegs offer a bigger contact area for better control of the bike while standing on the pegs, but also make them less susceptible to hooking up when leaning or sliding down low. This was achieved by a narrow frame mounting design.

A flat seat profile and high-grip orange seat cover provide exceptional rider movement and control, with a handy grip pocket under the seat, just above the air filter box, making lifting the bike off its paddock stand a lot easier.

The 2024 KTM 450 SMR features an optimal rider triangle, providing ample knee contact – especially when standing on the pegs – with enough gripping surfaces all around. In terms of graphics, the 2024 KTM 450 SMR takes its cues from the early 1990s, featuring a little sliver of purple between the contrasting orange graphics. 

The 2024 KTM 450 SMR features a map select switch as standard, allowing the racer to switch between 2 engine maps. Map 1 provides a linear, predictable power delivery, while Map 2 gives it the full beans with crisp, explosive power output. Using the same switchgear, the rider can toggle between traction control, launch control, and the Quickshifter functions. 

The Quickshifter function can be activated or deactivated via the map select switch, allowing for clutchless upshifts, with the throttle fully opened. A sensor on the shift drum notices the force on the gear shift lever, sends the signal to the engine control unit and the ignition timing is interrupted. To prevent unintended shifts and false neutrals, the function is only active from 2nd to 5th gear. 

When the tarmac suddenly becomes dirt track, you need to keep full forward momentum. Luckily, the KTM 450 SMR has superior traction control for that exact eventuality. Traction control is selected to an on or off position from the switch and functions by analyzing throttle input from the rider and the rate at which RPM increases in the engine. If the RPM increases too quickly, the EMS registers a loss of grip and reduces the amount of power to the rear wheel ensuring maximum traction. 

Rocketing off the line and into the holeshot is made even easier with launch control. With the engine at idle, launch control is engaged by pressing the traction control and Quickshifter buttons simultaneously. This function limits the amount of power to the rear wheel for take-off, improving traction and preventing wheelspin under hard acceleration.

Along with the benefit of an easy electric starting system, a Li-Ion 2.0 Ah battery is fitted to the KTM 450 SMR. The Li-Ion battery weighs approximately 1 kg less than a conventional lead battery meaning the convenience of electric starting is delivered while keeping overall weight to an absolute minimum. 

Model Specification

  • Engine

    Engine Type

    1-cylinder, 4-stroke


    449.9 cc


    Electric starter


    5 speed


    Suter slipper clutch, Brembo Hydraulics

    ABS System

    Engine Management System

    Keihin EMS

  • Dimensions


    95 mm


    63.4 mm

    Ground Clearance (unloaded)

    281 mm

    Seat Height

    898 mm

    Weight (No Fuel)

  • Frame


    Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel


    X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4

    Steering Head Angle

    63.9 degrees

    Tank Capacity

    7.2 litres

  • Suspension

    Front Suspension

    WP XACT-USD, 48 mm

    Rear Suspension

    WP XACT Monoshock with linkage

    Suspension Travel Front

    285 mm

    Suspension Travel Rear

    266 mm

  • Performance

    Brake System Front

    Brembo four piston, radially mounted caliper with 310 mm brake disc

    Brake System Rear

    Brembo single piston, floating caliper with 220 mm brake disc


    63 hp


  • Brakes

    Front Brake Disc Diameter

    Rear Brake Disc Diameter