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Model Description


Renowned for their minimal weight, usability, high-performance and ease of maintenance, GASGAS TXT RACING models set the benchmark for their class-leading chassis performance and powerful and compact 2-stroke engines.

Across the range, the advanced, single-cylinder 2-stroke engines produce smooth, controllable power throughout the entire rpm range. Allowing riders of all abilities to easily find grip, and aided by the 6-speed gearbox, a plentiful supply of top-end performance ensure all machines can tackle the steepest climbs with ease.

With proven stability, accurate steering and minimal weight, all GASGAS TXT RACING models inspire rider confidence, allowing amateurs and professionals alike to remain feet-up and master the most technical terrain.
New for MY22, the full TXT RACING range rolls off the production line fully EURO 5 compliant.

TXT RACING 300 2022


Class leading power. Top-level handling. And a serious amount of torque! Our TXT RACING 300 is a trial workhorse that delivers a plentiful supply of strong, clean and tractable power, ensuring all skillful riders can push their limits. Not for the faint hearted, the 300cc 2-stroke is built to scale the hardest climbs and meet the toughest challenges head-on. With impressive maneuverability, low running costs, leading suspension, a strong and reliable transmission for precise shifting, as well as hydraulic clutch and brakes from Braktec, the TXT RACING 300 truly does deliver serious offroad performance.
The GASGAS trial engine is proof that the best things really do come in small packages! Thanks to the years of continued development and designed to be compact, light and above all else powerful, the advanced single-cylinder liquid cooled 2-stroke engine features thermodynamic ports, which contribute massively to making it the most competitive power unit in its class. Producing strong and controllable power the engine benefits riders of all skill levels. With optimised mass centralisation the compact engine also aids handling and direction change.
One-finger is all it takes to control the power of our trial bikes, thanks to the compact hydraulic clutch. Allowing riders to build revs and deliver exact amounts of power to the rear wheel, the reliable, high-quality system also guarantees even wear, near maintenance-free operation and perfect action on every ride and in all weathers. Consisting of 3 Kevlar friction plates, 2 steel plates and a Belleville spring system it guarantees perfect operation each and every time.
The lightest transmission in any trial bike on the market and another patented GASGAS part! The 4/6 system allows riders to select from 6 gears when there are only 4 gears on the internal transmission shaft. Ensuring all TXT RACING bikes are technologically advanced, they reduce weight and allow for super compact crankcases.
Our airbox has a patented design. Much more than just the place Twin Air filters live, it also provides structural benefits allowing all our trial bikes to be super slim. Maximum airflow ensures all motors deliver instant power whenever needed.
Exclusive to the TXT RACING and TXT GP trial bikes are our patented front and rear brake pads. Manufactured to include magnets on the backing plates, the brake pads remain perfectly aligned, and in position, when wheels are removed, guaranteeing quick and easy wheel removal and reinstallation.

Model Specification

  • Engine



    Engine Management System

    HIDRIA ECU 2 spark / 2 maps

  • Performance

    Bore x Stroke

    79 mm x 60 mm


    BRAKTEC hydraulics - diaphragm GG 1/3

    Tank Capacity

    2.4 litres



  • Frame


    Tubular frame made of 25CrMo4

    Seat height (unloaded)

    630 mm


    135/520 x 100 links

    Steering head angle

    67 degrees

    Ground Clearance (unloaded)

    325 mm

    Weight without fuel

    69.4 kg

  • Brakes

    Front brake

    185mm disc NG WAVE floating, monoblock 4 pistons BRAKTEC caliper

    Rear brake

    150mm disc NG WAVE, autostand system 2 pistons BRAKTEC caliper

    ABS System

    Brake disc diameter front

    185 mm

    Brake disc diameter rear

    150 mm

  • Transmission




    6 gears with GG 4/6 technology

  • Suspension

    Suspension Travel Front

    167 mm

    Suspension Travel Rear

    174 mm

    Front Suspension

    TECH Aluminum bar 39 mm

    Rear Suspension

    REIGER (2 ways) hydraulic shock absorber with linkage