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Motorex Chainlube Off Road 500ml

Fully synthetic chain lubricant, especially formulated for enduro and off-road motorcycles, tested for O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings, excellent lubricating properties, deep penetration, resistant to water, waterproof, resistant to fling and spin-off and will withstand the high pressure demanded from today's motorcycle chains. Extends the working life of the chain kit.

Motorex Power Brake Clean - 750ml

Cleans and degreases all brake and clutch components. Prevents whirling- up of wear residues from linings. Removes oil, grease, brake fluid, tar, bitumen, etc. Also suited for cleaning machines, electric motors and precision instruments. Exceptionally high spray pressure. Does not affect rubber, plastic or paint.

Motorex Chainlube Road 500ml

White chain lubricant, fully synthetic clear formula has absolute resistance against fling-off and is completely waterproof, especially formulated for road-going motorcycles, tested for O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings, extremely good adhesion, resistant to water, considered the best chainlube available for street and touring motorcycles, extends the working life of the chain kit.

Motorex Chain Clean - 500ml

Extremely effective chain degreaser, for all types of motorcycles. Effectively removes caked-on residue. Excellent starting point for optimum chain maintenance. Tested for O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings. Effective removal of encrusted oil and grease deposits, etc. Regular use considerably extends the working life of the chain kit!

Motorex Anti Rust 500ml Spray

Rust remover and screw releasing agent with outstanding penetration. Releases metal parts that are seized with rust. Protects against corrosion and keeps out moisture. Removes rust, repels water, lubricates.

Motorex Air Filter Oil 655 Spray 750ml

Specially developed air filter oil spray for foam air filter elements. Keeps out sand, dust and water. Guaranteed optimal airflow. Very good adhesion.