How to Order Parts Online

  • Ordering parts online is easy, it all starts by finding the parts you need using the KTM Parts Finder


  • First Step is choose Frame or Engine:


  • Next select your bike model by clicking in to the ModelSearch box.


  • Click the Arrows next to the items to expand the listings:



  • Once you see your bike/model in dark text click it to select and then click the Find Parts button to proceed:



  • In the next view, double click the window highlighting the parts you are looking for:



  • You'll see the details diagram for that section double click the row of the part you want to select it:



  • A box should pop up showing the part you selected just click "Save" the row will go green, you can now close this box with th "X" button at the top right.



  • You can continue by repeating the process for each part you need. When you have added all the parts you need, your list might look something like one of the following:



  • To order your parts you can either print the page you see and read the numbers from there, typing them in to the search box, or select (click and drag along the part number) and then right click - copy the Part Number.
  • To add to your shopping cart simply paste the number in the search box on the JD Racing site (top left), the item will appear under the search box, simply click it, it will open showing the price, and add it to your cart using the ADD button.
  • Repeat for each part to build up your order.



If you get a warning or error when opening the selected Parts dialog in the Parts Finder, you'll likely need to allow Popups for this site, check the help files for your browser, also there are usually options to choose on the warning message that displays.

Common Locations for Pop Up Settings

  • IE11: Tools - Pop Up Blocker: You can either turn it off or in the Pop Up Blocker Settings Dialog just add the site to the Allow list.
  • Firefox: Tools - Options - Content: You can either turn it off or in the Exceptions Dialog just add the site to the list
  • Chrome: Show Menu Top Right - Settings - Show Advanced Settings - Privacy - Content Settings - Pop ups - Manage Exceptions