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This weekend we had nearly all are supported riders competing in events over the UK and France.
Closest to home was the 2nd round of the premier mx championship at Landrake Moto Parc.

1st out for qualifying was the junior groups which saw Zoe secure her place in the c group. In the 1st race she had an OK start and was working her way through the pack she managed to work her way up to 30th position in a full group after a small mistake saw her drop back to 33rd. In the 2nd race she had a great start until another rider got cross rutted on the 1st turn and collided in to her causing her to drop the bike she was able to work her way back up to 36th .And in the last race with very slippery conditions she managed a great 25th for 35th overall.

In the expert class we had 3 riders competing Josh, Jamie and Aidan. 
Josh put in the fastest lap time qualifying 12th He had a good start in the 1st holding 13th position for a couple laps before working his way up to 11th . Another good start in the 2nd race saw him in 10th which he held until lap 4 when he put the hammer down and worked his way up to a great 7th. And in the last race with very tricky conditions he didn't have the start he was hoping for but he worked his way through to 15th for 11th overall.

Aidan was next for his second race in the experts where he qualified 15th. After an OK start he was in 25th and worked his way through the field by lap 4 he was up to 20th but a small mistake saw his lap times slow where he dropped back to 24th. In the second race he had a good start as he was in 20th and by lap 2 he was up to 18th but once again a mistake saw his lap time slow as the race went on finishing 25th. In the last race he only managed a couple laps before he pulled off. Resulting in finishing 27th.

Jamie was also out for his second race in the experts. He put in a good qualifying lap securing him 21st gate pick. After a great start in the 1st race he was in 15th but a small mistake on lap 4 saw him drop back to 24th where he pushed hard and finished 23rd. The second race after a poor start and getting tangled up in a 1st lap crash saw him last where he worked his way back up to 24th. As the Condition's worsened for the last race he had another good start in 16th where he rode a solid race and secured 17th at the line for 21st overall.

Leigh was competing in 2 classes again this weekend the over 40S and the 2 stroke class. He struggled with the starts all day in all his races but he worked his way through the field for 3rd in all 3 races for 3rd overall. And in the 2 stroke class he went 7th 10th 8th for 8th overall.

Leighton was competing in the 2 stroke class as well after a great start he led for the 1st lap until TY got the better of him where he rode his own race securing 2nd. The second race saw a great battle between Leighton and Ty they swapped positions all race where Leighton finished 2nd, they both finshed 50 seconds ahead of 3rd place. And in the last race after another good start Leighton was runing 3rd and worked up to 2nd on the 2nd lap where he would finish for 2nd overall.

We also had Josh take part in his 1st race of the year. He got of to a flying start going 1-1-1 in the mx2 class and 4-3-2 in the mx1 class.

Tom was over at Exmoor for the 2nd south west enduro round the Brass Monkeys. Things did not go as planned after damaging his front brake hose on the 1st lap he lost the use of the brake so had to retire from the event.

Dan traveled down to France for the FIM super enduro where practice went well but unfortunately missed out on qualifying for the main by 1 position..

A Massive well done to all the riders we support roll on another action packed weekend.

Photo credit to
Howie Fowler
Ian Barrow 
Ade Mx

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