1290 Superduke GT

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Akrapovič "Slip-on Line"

Your requirements: weight reduction, racing look, extra sound Our response: Akrapovič Slip-on silencer: Made from high-grade titanium Weight saving: approx. 1.5 kg Laser engraved 1290 Super Duke / Akrapovič logo Plug & play fitting No new engine mapping required

Heat protection kit

Puts your KTM perfectly in the limelight with premium quality carbon. Made from highest quality carbon fiber Many times stiffer and lighter than the standard plastic components Satin surface finish

Footpeg system

The CNC-machined footrest system made of high-strength aluminium is adjustable to 6 different positions allowing you to effortlessly find the perfect sitting position. Anodized aircraft aluminium Carbon heel guards included Inverted shifting scheme possible with reverse gear change kit 613.34.930.044 Change compared with the standard foot peg position: 10 – 39 mm higher 10 – 40 mm backwards

Fuel tank protection sticker kit

Lasting protection for the paintwork at areas of the fuel tank subject to heavy wear. Made from a high quality, elastic base film Structured surface for better grip No more unsightly scratches or matt areas on the tank flanks

Case set

Our recently developed side cases fit perfectly with the GT vehicle design and provide more than enough storage space for your next tour! 30 litre volume on both sides provides enough space for helmets Weighing in at only 3.4 kg, each case can take a maximum load of 7 kg Can be mounted and removed in seconds Lockable with vehicle key The ergonomic handle disappears completely into the case Protectors painted to match vehicle colour Includes luggage net

Handguard kit

Extremely robust aluminium frame protects the lever in case of an crash Offers great weather protection Including mounting material Perfect to change the look of your bike