125 SX

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Orange Chain

Sometimes less can mean more! O and Z-rings have been dispensed with completely on this chain specially developed for motocross use. That and the special construction of the bearing bushes result in the perfect compromise between durability and minimum power loss.

Lock-on grip set

Grip replacement made easy Right grip permanently glued to the throttle tube Left grip with aluminum clamping ring for fixing on the handlebar Inconvenient gluing and securing with wire no longer necessary With open grip end for mounting of closed hand guard

Expansion chamber guard

DID YOU ALREADY KNOW about the special properties of carbon fiber? Extremely light: 80% lighter than steel with the same strength Exceptionally stable: Four times more durable than aluminum Maximum stiffness and tensile strength Free from corrosion High longterm temperature durability Minimal heat expansion And not least of all it looks just cool The feather light carbon protector for maximum service life of your exhaust. The large cover is ideal protection against flying debris, branches etc.

Factory adjuster wheel

DID YOU KNOW that all KTM CNC parts are manufactured from high grade aluminum, which not only looks great but can also stand up to the toughest loads? The original factory look, anodized aluminum PowerParts are just the thing to give your KTM that something special.